Station Inn

HO Scale Laser cut walls and windows. Great attention to details from the prototype. Easy to follow well, illustrated instructions. The Station Inn is has been a haven for rail fans for over two decades. Once, over 100 trains a day passed through Cresson, Pennsylvania. In 1866 the Callan House opened in Cresson to host vacationing Pittsburghers. In the day, dozens of passenger trains stopped at Cresson. Vacationers and traveling salesmen filled Callan's rooms. Passenger trains haven't stopped in Cresson for half a century, but that does not mean the tracks are silent. Now near seventy trains pass by each day. More tonnage passes today than at any time in the 1950’s. Heavy mixed trains, long coal trains, straining helpers and a variety of head end power make up the multiple consists along the rails. Now the Callan house is a bed and breakfast accommodating rail enthusiasts. You can watch the trains from the front porch, as you might have 150 years ago. The rooms are simple, clean, and bright and a hearty breakfast is served daily. Plan on rail fanning Altoona, Gallitzin Tunnels, Horseshoe Curve, and Johnstown? Then book a room at the Station Inn! Footprint is 10" x 5 7/8".
Station Inn
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